Sunday, January 4, 2015

Here We Go Again: Taupe Boots

Here We Go Again: Taupe Boots

Here We Go Again: Taupe Boots by cheryl-faye-hunt

This is close to my actual outfit. I got a purple paisley dress on clearance for about $11 bucks and I have had a tan sweater vest for a million years that is a little different from the one pictured above, but overall it's pretty close. The belt shown above is way more expensive that the one I got from H&M. I am headed to church this morning and it is getting C-O-L-D!! I am going to do three more days of Here We Go Again and then I am off to the smokey mountains this weekend with another family.  

POL purple pantyhose

2 Lips Too boots

Grey purse

Bohemian necklace

Madewell jewelry

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