Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Remix It! Simple Halloween Costumes in Your Closet Part 1

** UPDATED: Check out Part 2 - Cartoon Cuties is another post with Simple Halloween Costumes in Your Closet.  You now have 20 ideas and 0 excuses to not participate in dressing-up for Halloween.  Enjoy!

You get TWO BLOG POSTS today! I wanted to give you a few options from my own closet that can be remixed into Halloween costumes and all you need is your closet, imagination, and a few key accessories to finish off your look. You have 10 days to check your local store or order a few inexpensive accessories ($2 - $15 range) from Amazon to complete your look. If you enjoyed this post, then please share it! 

This one is really easy. I literally have everything I need right in my closet. All you need to do is tie-up your hair in the bandanna and roll-up your sleeves. Voila! Halloween costume complete. 

I pretty much have the foundation of this costume in my closet.  The only things I would need to track down are the white gloves, black hat, and fake flowers.   

This is one that I will not be rocking anytime soon, but if you got-it and you want to flaunt it the more power to you. Everyone has these basics in their closet - even if you have to cut-off an old pair of jeans to make your little daisy duke jorts.  

For this costume you might need to raid your husbands/significant other's closet for the black/dark colored tie. The bowler hat is a must to rock this look and don't forget the mustache.

This costume is simple.  You can pull together pretty much ANYTHING you have in your closet. The key to this costume is the mockingjay pin ($3.49) and your hair needs to be in a braid. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Grab any shirt that is red and white striped and throw on a red beanie.  If you have wide rimmed glasses, a camera, and a cane then that would take this basic costume up a notch.

Wear yellow, grab some Morton Salt, and an umbrella - consider yourself Halloween ready!

Grab your tightest black pants and rock out with teased hair!

I like this costume because the more bling - the better.  Make sure you complete your look with the long black gloves and an up-do for your tresses. 

This one is a two-fer with a few simple accessory changes you can take this look from Mime to Burglar.  I would probably have to opt for the burglar simply because of my distaste for face paint, but basically you need a black mask, black gloves, white gloves, or a black hat. You might even want to add a bag stuffed with money for your burglar to sneak around with. ** Check out the updated below where I actually make three different costumes from this one basic outfit!  

** Update: Remix It! Halloween - One Outfit, Three Costumes

I am linking-up with a few other blogs on this one! Everyone can find something wonderful at eighteen25. They have you covered for all of your ghoulish treats! Fugal Foodie Mama has a scary selection of Halloween ideas all week long. We have got you covered!

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