Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

Again, it has been a long 2014 and I have not been very good about posting images lately.  I can't make any promises, but I will try to get some images back on a more regular basis (probably not everyday). I am not very "boho", but I got this top at Rue21 a few weeks back for about $4 bucks and thought I would give the whole "boho" look a shot.  First, I never shop in Rue21 and just walking in the store made my body shutter and the disorganized and crammed racks, but everything was 50% off or something and I was actually looking for some faux leather leggings and lets all be honest... that is exactly the kind of thing that you would think they might carry at Rue21 (they did not have any faux leather leggings, but that is another story). I was in the mood for fall today, but it's like 85 degrees here in middle Tennessee, and this outfit makes me feel like it's fall, but still able to breath... sort of.. I think the booties might still be a touch warm, but hey, "Happy Fall Ya'll!"


1 Sweater Vest - had it for years. (similar)
2 Crochet Tank - just bought this at Rue21, but can't seem to find it online. (similar)
3 White Tank Top (similar)
4 Leather Wrap - Around Bracelet (same, but different color)
5 Fossil Watch - bought it at TJ Maxx at the first of the year. (same, but different color)
6 Gold Scarf - had it for years (similar)
7 Express Zelda Skinny Jeans - had them for years (recently able to fit into them again!!) (similar)
8 Carlos Santana - Brooky Booties (same)