Saturday, October 26, 2013

Remix It! Simple Halloween Costumes in Your Closet Part 2 - Cartoon Cuties

I had so much fun with the first Halloween post this week that I decided to do another.  After all I am only going to do this blog for 6 months so there will not be a Halloween post to look forward to for next year.  This is for all of you procrastinators out there.... you know who you are... the ones who still haven't thought about your Halloween costume. Instead of waiting in line at the last minute for an off the rack costume try using your imagination to expand on some the ideas below.

This is a little BONUS and the most comfortable Halloween Couple Costume idea ever.  My hubby and I did this last year.  We were cloudy with a chance of rain.  I made a tutu ( and sewed little puffy clouds on my grey shirt) and it was cute, but not key for this outfit to work.  Just grab your grey sweats, a yellow hair bow, and a spray bottle.  When people ask what you are squirt them with the spray bottle and say, "Cloudy with a Chance of Rain."  Easiest costume ever!

Grab any yellow skirt and a cobalt top.  Throw in some red accessories and a top it off with a pretty little red bow and you are set!

Olive Oil is about as easy as you can get - I refuse to believe you do not that similar items hanging out in your closet RIGHT NOW! You have officially lost your excuse to not participate - now get started on your Olive Oil costume.

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?  Not real sure, but pair a red dress or jacket with a few yellow accessories and a her hat.  You will be sneaking your way into a spectacular Halloween costume.

This is another really simple idea.  Grab a blue dress, blue socks, and tote around a football. DONE!

Think of this as a modern Minnie.  You can probably steal some ears from your child, but if not you can simply cut out two black circles and attach them to a headband.  Pick out anything black, white, and polka dot - the ears will sell the entire outfit for you.

If you have glasses and some basics, this is another easy one.  Throw everything and shoot for that disheveled look.

My husband actually went a Dora several years ago.  He went the extra mile and painted himself orange and bought a wig, but the basics shown above with do just fine in a pinch.

I am linking-up with a few other blogs on this one! Everyone can find something wonderful at eighteen25. They have you covered for all of your ghoulish treats! Fugal Foodie Mama has a scary selection of Halloween ideas all week long. We have got you covered!

Check out Part 1 for other simple Halloween ideas in your closet. 

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