Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Winter Basics, Remix It!

Winter Basics, Remix It!
I just bought the leggings and sweater at Charlotte Russe a few days ago on clearance. Pants and top cost a whopping $25 combined and they are actually really nice and comfy.  These are called their skin tight leggings, but they are surprisingly stretchy (thank goodness) and don't pinch at the waist like some. I am wearing the "out and about" version of this outfit today and it is freezing outside, but I was nice and cozy taking my little one to daycare this morning. I was curious if I could make this "dressy" enough for work, but I think with the right accessories it might work. Yay for Christmas sales and look at me -  I am wearing pink head to toe. It must be a Christmas miracle!

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