Thursday, January 1, 2015

Here We Go Again: Tweed Jacket

Here We Go Again: Tweed Jacket

Here We Go Again: Tweed Jacket by cheryl-faye-hunt

Okay, it is 2015 and I am looking forward to this year. 2014 was full of bumps, but I came out with a lot of knowledge and understanding about new things.  I learned a great deal about fitness, food, my body, and making healthier decisions. I accomplished some of my long-term personal goals (lost 50 lbs) and traveled Europe with my hubby for our 10th wedding anniversary.  

We lost a member of the family when our 10+ year old basset hound Bobbie Sue past away. My oldest daughter became my sister-in-Christ and my youngest taught me that patience is something I continue to struggle with on a daily basis.  My husband says that by asking God for patience, it means that he will provide us opportunities to be patient; ask and you shall receive. 

Enough about me... "here we go again" is a series that I am going to run for at least a week. The idea is to take something from today's outfit and wear it tomorrow. I will mark the item I passed along with a red bow. This should be fun and challenging.  
H M pink top
$11 -

H M white zip jacket
$47 -

Grey tote bag

Merona gold bangle

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