Monday, December 2, 2013

Suitcase Confessions - Houston Meeting

This past week was crazy.  I spent the majority of it in Houston and then came home for one night hugged my husband and he was off to Arkansas to go hunting for five days.  He is home and I am one happy lady!  My boss told me to over pack and I did pack more than I had initially intended to. I pretty much had to pack something for each day and then after a whopping 12-14 hours I ran to my room to change into something clean for dinner.  

*I have not had a chance to build out all of my links below yet, but I will update over time. 

Gold Link Necklace * Gold & Black Chain Necklace * Multi-Colored Scarf * Gold & Stone Necklace * Brown Braided Belt * Leopard Skinny Belt * Black Skinny Belt

Boyfriend Jeans * Black Skinny Pants * Purple Pants 

Teal Snake Heels * Leopard Flats * Nude Heels * Ankle Boots

Cobalt Sweater * Teal Tank Top * White Tank Top * Oatmeal Cardigan * Black Cardigan * Tan Blouse * Wine Crochet Cardigan * Teal Sweater * Black Moto Jacket

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