Friday, November 8, 2013

8/30 - 30 x 30 Challenge - Fall Capsule Wardrobe

I would not say I love this outfit with the tights, but it is cold outside in the mornings.  I hate how this skirt sticks to my tights.  I know a slip would resolve that, but I just can't seem to make myself want to wear one. Tonight I have the annual Fall Festival of Tables at my Church.  I am hosting a table this year with the theme Mad Hatter.  I set everything up last night so here is a little sneak peek of my table for tonight. 

I have been following the blogger Kendi Everyday for a while now and several other of my favorite blogs have done similar challenges.  This is the 30 x 30 challenge. The rules are simple: See day 1 for the all the details!

I am thankful for my dog Bobbie Sue. Bobbie will be 11 in the spring.  She is old and stinky, but I do love her.  Any dog that you literally sell and then she still comes back to you is meant to be with your for life.  I am hoping to have a few more years with "Bob" the basset hound. 

Items # 1 - #29 + Accessories (Final Spot)= 30 Items

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