Thursday, November 7, 2013

7/30 - 30 x 30 Challenge - Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Not sure that I am loving the tights.  I have always hated panty hose and I pretty much refuse to wear them, but tights in the winter just make sense.  That beings said - I had to add some black tights to the list below.  Tennessee can manage to hit all four seasons in a week - sometimes a day.  I had to add the black tights - one pair just wasn't cutting it.  However, they are still uncomfortable.  This is another one of those outfits that I would never have put together without this challenge.  I have always loved this dress, but thought of it only in the "work dress" category.  Never even thought about pairing it down for a more comfortable fall layered look.  I have also decided that I should trade out a few of the initial items that I chose for this challenge.  I don't consider this cheating, because I haven't actually worn them yet, but I find that every time I go into my closet I bypass them for something that works better with the other options I have chosen.  I think the grey blazer is on the way out, but I haven't fully committed to giving it the pink slip just yet.  I have decided to trade out the purple infinity scarf for a black polka dot scarf that seems to give me more options than the purple one did. I have noted the changes below in the list with *.  I will give you the verdict on the grey blazer soon. I just can't seem to pair the grey with all of my neutral brown toned shoes and make it look right.  To be continued...

I have been following the blogger Kendi Everyday for a while now and several other of my favorite blogs have done similar challenges.  This is the 30 x 30 challenge. The rules are simple: See day 1 for the all the details!

I am thankful for my puppy Archie.  Even though most days he drives me crazy I am glad he is around to keep me company and he always seems excited to see me. Doesn't matter that it's only been 10 minutes - he overflows with a welcoming hop and snuggle. 

Items # 1 - #29 + Accessories (Final Spot)= 30 Items

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