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MISSION: Closet Organization On the Cheap

Since this is my first post - I wanted to give you a little background about me, Cheryl. I am inviting you along for the next 6 months as I blog about my journey back into the "real world."  After more than a year of working from home it is time I break free from my current fashion world of elastic waistbands, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. I wanted to start this blog for a lot of reasons - sharpen my writing skills, become more aware of my personal fashion, and focus my efforts on remixing my current closet to create new, fun wardrobe options for everyday. I am sure there will be some ups and downs, but I am going to lay it all out in the open. I will do my best to post my fashion picks for each day.  I also have a little obsession with bags and organizing spaces. I plan to put those obsessions to work and provide you with some ideas for packing, storing, and organizing your fashion at home or on the go. I have a few fun trips planned in the next six months and I am preparing to work in an office setting again for the first time since baby #2.  I wanted to dive-in and document my journey back into an "office space" and also give some realistic ideas for packing for business, pleasure, and a fun European vacation trip I have planned in early spring.
I hope you enjoy following me on my journey.  

Cheryl Faye

Step 1: PURGE
I actually took everything out of my closet and drawers and made piles.  My piles were:
  • Things that fit now (these items are organized and put back into my closet)
  • Things that "almost" fit (these items I placed on the top shelf of my closet
  • Things that are too small. (these items I packed away in a huge suitcase I don't use very often)
  • Things that are too big (these items went to goodwill - my favorite pile)
  • Trash (these items need to be tossed - they include stained, stretched, torn, missing pieces, etc.)
Once I divided up my closet and assessed the situation, I started the daunting task of putting everything back into the spaces available.  The items below are the things I used to make my awkwardly shaped semi-walk-in closet a LOT more functional. 

Step 2: ASSESS
Now that you have whittled down your wardrobe you should have enough space to work with what you have left.  Start by determining what needs to be folded and what should be hung-up.  I organized my drawers by the following:

Small Drawers

  • Underwear
  • Bathing suits, bathing suit cover-ups, slips, and random other undergarments.
  • Bras
  • Socks, tights, leggings, etc.
Larger Drawers
  • Shorts, Jeans, and Casual Pants
  • Pajamas - old t-shirts, sweats, etc. (this has pretty much been my "go-to" drawer.
  • Work-out clothes - I also include my sports bras in here to keep them separated and easy to find at 5am while digging around in the dark.
  • Sleeveless Tops - (I include ALL tank tops and anything sleeveless.)
  • Tops - Button-ups, pull over, nice t-shirts, all my basic tops go here. 
  • Sweaters - Everything sweater, sweat shirt, and cute t-shirt related that isn't a cardigan goes in this drawer.
Once you have assessed what you have to put back into your closet the fun really begins. 

Now that you know what you have to fit back into your closet you can start organizing and figuring out what kind of special storage items you might need.  I have included a checklist of items that I used in my "cheap" closet organization. 

I found that I needed a place for my collection of shoes.  I wanted to be able to easily see all of my options at a single glance. There are a number of "shoe organizers" available, but I just didn't really like any of them.  I have tried a few and due to the limitations of my closet lay-out they just didn't provide me with what I needed.  I chose 3 hanging shelves for my shoes. I hang my boots on my closet doubler using  the suit hangers pictured below.


I hang like clothing together. I started with  cardigans and work my way to dresses and then outerwear in the back. On the bottom of my closet doubler I hang most if my skirts and "work" pants. I use the velvet hangers for sweaters and basic plastic hangers for everything else. 

I hang all of my jewelry on small little white hooks on the wall of my closet. This allows me to see everything at once. I also have a scarf organizer that works wonders to minimize the space it takes to see and store my collection. Last but not least my purse organizer. These came in a two pack and it is a simple install that allows you to hang lots of different items.


I put all of the clothes that don't quite fit me at the moment or are out of season in a large suitcase in the back of my closet. This is a great way to keep everything close, but not out in my closet taking up valuable space.

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