Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lucerne - Venice day 7

8am leave time to head up the mountain. We travel up Mount Pilatus by gondola or cable car. The top of the mountain was in a cloud this morning, but it was still a beautiful ride up the mountain.

We passed through the Swiss Alps and a tunnel that was 12 miles long through a mountain. We actually passed through several tunnels today on the way to Italy.

The other side of the mountains are beautiful and clear this morning. We see lots of granite quarries in the side of the mountain.

We crossed the Italian border around 1pm. We had a little break at the border and then a little farther into Italy we stop for lunch.

Just as we cross the border into Italy we see Lake Como.

Lake Como is where George Clooney has a home. We are spending four nights in Italy and I am the most excited about this portion of our trip. 

Interesting Fact: Italy is the 2nd most visited country in the world after France. Italy contains 50% of all of the worlds art treasures. 

We continued driving through the Italian countryside all afternoon.

Honestly, nothing extremely magical about this countryside so far. The scenery on the way to Florence and Rome is supposed to be more attractive.

It was a little chilly this morning in Switzerland and cold up on the mountain, but it is 70 in Italy. This is very warm for this time of year. I ended up swapping my boots and scarf for a necklace and flats to go into Venice this evening.

Our guide hired a private water taxi to go down the Grand Canal in Venice. Venice is very foggy this evening. There is a new law that only allows water taxis after 4pm. So we loaded up for a quick trip around the Grand Canal. These are small boats that seat about 10 people. Here a few pictures of Venice from the water.

We are headed to the hotel for dinner.

Mountain Trip

Venice Evening

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