Saturday, March 15, 2014

London Day 3

Not the best nights sleep, but we managed to get a few hours of shut eye. Weather forecast today calls for the mid-50s. We ate a nice buffet breakfast at the hotel this morning and then met up with our local guide at 8:30. We decided against taking our jackets and Alan has decided that that was not his best decision. After a quick drive around the city we walked around Trafalgar Square. We learned some interesting information about the square and England and walked to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. Our guides timing was perfect all morning. We heard Big Ben chime at 10 am.

Upon leaving we saw the "summer cabin" of Dumbledore in one of the many gardens in London.

We continued on to Buckingham Palace and were just in time to see the changing of the guards as they rode down the Mile on horseback.

We wandered over to the home of Prince Harry. Here we watched the guards walk and patrol in front of the gates.

We continued to walk down the mile to Buckingham Palace. 

Our guide was nice enough to walk us to where we could purchase tickets to the Making of Harry Potter tour, but it was already booked up for the day. We are fully prepared to be called dorks, but it sounded like a lot of fun.

After our Harry Potter let down we wandered over to one of the many museums in London. They are all free admission. We ate at the National Portrait Museum cafe and then walked to the tube back to our hotel.

We are staying very close to the Notting Hill area of London. I like the way all of the streets curve and the buildings follow the curved line of the streets. Almost every home has a unique and different entrance.

After an afternoon nap we headed to Westfield Mall by our hotel. It has all of the usual stores. We ended up getting some really cute shirts for the girls. 

We decided to take a double-decker bus to dinner. We at the Arch Duke - Cocktails, Steak, & Jazz. We shared a Cote de boeuf bone-in forerib with fries and a salad. 

We walked the Mungerford Bridge back to the bus stop and then off to the hotel to pack and get ready for a VERY early departure tomorrow morning.

Big Ben at night and also Westminster Abbey at night.

We are headed off to Paris tomorrow, Good night!

Sightseeing in London Day 2

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