Saturday, March 22, 2014

Headed Home - review of must have travel items

It's a 4am wake-up (10pm back home) call to meet the private car that is taking us to the airport. I am tired, but this has been an amazing journey and we have met some amazing people along the way.

We went through security in Rome, London, and Chicago today. We also went through customs in London and Chicago. At the end of today we will have spent almost 23 hours traveling through airports and in planes. Popped doesn't even begin to describe our current level of exhaustion, but it was a life changing experience for both of us.

I wanted to list a few of my favorite things that went along with us in our trip to Europe.

Will Not Travel Abroad Without these Items:

1) More than one universal adapter. We managed to blow a fuse in Paris and I ended up without a hair dryer and adapter the remainder of the trip. Most hotels have adapters you can borrow but one hotel they were out so we finally bought another one in Italy. My travel hair dryer is a goner. :(

2) Man purse for the hubby! I can't even begin to describe how spectacular it was that both of us had purses.

3) Travel power strip with 4 plugs. This was great because we could plug in one adapter, then the power strip and then plug up all of our kindles, phones, and camera batteries at the same time.

4) Extra rechargeable camera batteries. I had three that charged up and I used two per day on long days of picture taking.

5) Portable chargers. These plug in to charge and then you can hook up items via USB along the way to recharge on the go.

6) Wifi Camera. My camera will transfer via wifi images directly to my phone. I was able to this multiple times a day and make notes and edit. This way I do not have a 1,000 pictures to look through when I get home and can't remember why I took a picture of that random building etc.

Leave it at Home:
1) Some of my clothes. I probably could have taken fewer clothes and been fine. I had a few things I didn't wear at all or only once. I was glad I took three pairs of shoes.

2) Jewelry. I used the same two or three pieces at night. During the day it got caught in my camera and purse straps.

3) I didn't pack any shampoo, conditioner, or body wash. Not a problem at all.

I quickly approaching the 20 hour mark for the day so I am not sure what else to talk about. I am on my iphone so please excuse all of the typos etc. I will clean it up when I get home.

;) best anniversary trip E-V-E-R!!! 10 amazing years with my hubby. We can't wait for our next adventure.

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