Friday, November 1, 2013

MISSION: Suitcase Organization

Step 1: PLAN
Planning your attire is essential to packing the perfect suitcase. I am actually taking my 30x30 challenge (30 clothing items & shoes + Accessories that mix and match to make-up 30 different outfits) for the month of November (I will be posting outfits each day, but I am still working on setting everything up - stay tuned later today or tomorrow) and I decided to pack it into a carry-on suitcase.  So theoretically, I could pack a months worth of work, casual, church, going-out appropriate clothing into one little suitcase + a large "purse." 
  • Travel Clothes
  • Casual Attire
  • Walking
  • Business Attire
  • Dinner Attire
  • Extras - jackets, bathing suits, hats, work-out clothes, etc.
Step 2: ASSESS 
Now that you know what kind of outfits you need to pack you can start assessing your wardrobe and choose the right items.  Try to choose things that can be worn several different ways and consider several layering pieces. Try to plan items that will stretch your clothing options, but not "over pack" your bag. 

Step 3: PACK
Now that you know what needs to be packed the real fun begins.  Getting everything into your suitcase.  

Toiletry Bag

This is an e-bag pack it flat toiletry bag. You can fit a TON of stuff in this bag and the best part is that it lays flat on the top of your suitcase or in my illustration it fits nicely into my "tote bag." 

Shoe Bags

These are great for storing a pair of shoes or depending on your shoe size a few pairs or single shoes. It keeps the other items in your bag nice and clean by protecting them from the soles of your shoes. In my illustration I put one set of shoes in my purse so that I would have room in my suitcase. 

Odds & Ends Bags

I keep a lot of my purse items in these bags all the time. It makes for quick purse changes and I can also use these for TSA approved liquids, etc to make it through the security line at the airport. As for the other items, scarf might come in handy if the plane is a little chilly. A scale for your luggage (not really an issue with a carry-on) and the final pile is the outfit I would actually wear traveling.

Packing Cubes

I am obsessed with packing cubes. I have a color coordinated set for every member of my family.  They are absolutely wonderful. It is nice to be able to keep your clothing items separated while traveling and I also use one for dirty clothes while traveling. I have two packing cubes in my bag.  One is for my undergarments and pajamas for a week.

Make-Up Bag

This is a Vera Bradley bag I have been using for a while.  I do have a larger make-up bag that I keep things that I do not use on a daily basis, but this is the make-up bag I have sitting on my counter. I cram in all the essentials and keep it stuffed in my purse/tote bag when I travel.

Jewelry Clutch

This jewelry clutch will hold just about everything that you need to pack for any length trip. I throw it right in my purse and go.

Blow Dryer & Hair Straightener

I do not always take these with me, but these are the mini versions of my everyday ones.  

Packing Envelope

This is a great way to pack-up shirts and sweaters.  They do not wrinkle very much if at all and you can cram a lot in this little envelope.

Carry-On Suitcase & Tote Bag

I love e-bags - they guarantee their products for life and they build high quality items that are perfect for travel. I have been carrying this tote bag as a purse for a while now. It has a cross-shoulder strap and multiple compartments inside with a two separate zipper closures and it is long enough to carry over my should or wrap it around the handle of my suitcase.

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