Saturday, October 26, 2013

Vivacious - Pantone Fall Color Link-Up

** I moved this post from Tuesday to Today! (Saturday) so I would be up-to-date on my Pantone Color Challenge. **

I have been running my blog for three weeks today! And since I promised to lay it all out on-the-line... I totally cheated and wore work-out clothes all day long.  Yikes! I even took a quick selfie to parade my guilt (see the final image.)  I know what you are thinking – “That's okay, you took a day off from dressing to impress, enjoy the fact that you still work from home and work all day long in your pajamas. You deserve it!” - am I right? Well, I would love to say that I am wearing work-out clothes because I actually worked out, but that is not exactly the case. The truth is that it was a cold morning and I was tired, cranky, and just didn't want to dress-up. I also have a killer work load for the next weeks and today just screamed MONDAY MORNING. I am proud to say that only half of my real outfit is actually the pajamas I wore last night.  I did manage to pair in with some capri pants and tennis shoes. 

I have decided to participate in a link-up with a few other bloggers The Modern Austen and Literate & Stylish. This is my first time and I don't really have any clue what I am doing, but I created a cheat outfit for today and I am going to work up my Pantone Turbulence outfit tonight (see Tuesday's post) so that I am back on track for the Pantone Inspired Fall Color Challenge. Basically, this is a fall pantone challenge - meaning that each day I am challenged to wear a specific "Fall Pantone Color" that has been predetermined from the chart below.  If you want to participate or see the full link then click here for the Pantone-Inspired Fall Color Challenge!

Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude! ~ Miley Cyrus 

White Tank Top
Hot Pink Short Sleeve Striped Tshirt
NY&Co - Striped & Studded V-Neck Tee
Black Cardigan 

Black Pleated Skirt

Neon Yellow Zebra Print Heels

Neon Necklace

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