Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lovely Little Ladies - Jr. & Toddler Post

These two beautiful ladies are my daughters.  My oldest is my photographer on several occasions and she has been begging me to post one of "her" outfits. She obviously shared my love of accessories.  The little one is my youngest, and she is fierce! And since everything has to be "even" and "fair" they are both included in today's post.  My little one is wearing a shirt that I made last year - last year she wore it as a dress, and I made sure to only use a pumpkin so that we could use it all Fall long.  These little zebra boots are from last winter too.  They are a little tight, and they have squeakers - so she can't sneak up on you in this outfit. I have been inspired by my recent spring dress remix for fall, and I have been using her summer dresses layered with long sleeve shirts and leggings.  I am going to make those summer dresses stretch a little farther into fall. My oldest daughter is seven, and she is so excited about all of her accessories.  She actually added little pink and purple glasses to this outfit for dinner out. These are her first "high heels" and they were bought for her Halloween costume, but they turned out to be really cute. Now lets see if she can survive wearing them without twisting her ankle. Her leggings have a silver spider web pattern, and she liked how long this shirt was. She borrowed one of my scarfs and these are her first pair of earrings (also for Halloween.)  She got her ears pierced in August, but we have just now switched them out. I actually think her outfit is pretty awesome and they both share my love for accessories as you can see below.  My youngest L-O-V-E-S my shoes and I have busted her many many times dragging them out.    

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